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A foreign patient recovered from critical condition due to car accident, sent a Thank You letter to Korean health professionals. 

- Successful treatment of Sun Medical Center for foreign patient with

head trauma hemorrhage.

Here is a moving story about one foreign patient, who once was critically ill due to the brain hemorrhage from car accident, but was successfully cured and recovered from the condition, and finally sent a Thank you letter to Korean health professionals.

Mr Patrick Fitzhenry, an Australian engineer had a car accident early of last March, which caused right hand paralyzed and speech disorder, followed by the brain hemorrhage due to serious head trauma. However, Mr Fitzhenry gets back on his feet now from the accident after successful surgery done by Yoon Byul Heel, clinical director of Nerosurgery Department, Sun Medical Center. 

Mr Fitzhenry was visiting university at Daejeon for providing technical advice and training for the purchased super computer. However, his taxi had a car accident on the day, which caused severe head injury.

Initially Dr Yoon, the attending physician had observed Mr Fitzhenry carefully for a few days, trying to avoid open surgery. However, he finally removed the hematoma by open surgery, after having confirmed consistent right hand paralysed and speech problem.

The surgery was great, and Mr Fitzhenry got well quickly. Meanwhile, Brandon, Mr Patrick Fitzhenry’s brother came to Sun hospital with the help of Australian embassy, Seoul and Mr Fitzhenry’s company. Mr Fitzhenry went back to Australia safely when it was confirmed that he did not struggle to perform daily of activities after a month of recovery time.

Mr Fitzhenry sent a Thanks letter to his health professional team after going back to Australia.

Mr Fitzhenry recalled that “Sun hospital tried to provide me with integrated treatment approach, and multidisciplinary team work for my recovery. Especially, Dr Yoon Byul Hee tried to solve out my problem with outstanding judgement based on medical evidences, and provided kind and easy-to-understand explanation about my condition to me.”

Mr Fitzhenry also appreciated of ICU nurses, who cared him. He stated that “they were very dedicated and professional, and cared me with kindness and consideration all the time”, calling nurses’ names: ‘Han Song E, Yi Ji Mi, Kim Do Hee, Yoon Do Yoon, Kim A Leum’ one by one.

Mr Fitzhenry was grateful to Ms Kang Ji Won, the coordinator, RN as well. He stated that “Ms Kang always assisted my documentation and communication kindly. She is precious asset for Sun Medical Center as well as for foreign patients in Korea like me.

Dr Yoon stated that “I was concerned about doing surgery without Next Of Kin at first when there was no guaranteed result of surgery. However, I am happy now that the surgery is done successfully, and I can contact with Mr Fitzhenry’s family. I wish Mr Fitzhenry fit and well life until see him again”

Mr Fitzhenry is quickly recovering from neck injury in Australia at the moment, and he does hope to see Sun people again.

[Full contents of the letter]

My name is Patrick Fitzhenry. I live in Australia and I am the Regional Technical Director of a computer storage company. I came to Daejeon in February 2018 to work on the KISTI-5 project at KAIST, building a new supercomputer for Korean researchers.
Unfortunately, I was involved in a car accident at the beginning of March and sustained some head injuries. 

I was put in the care of Dr. Yun Byeolhee and his team at the Sun General Hospital in Daejeon. I had to have a craniotomy as a result of my injuries. This was performed by Dr. Yun. 

I know that patient treatment is an integrated approach and many departments in the hospital helped with my recovery. I received a high standard of care while in the Sun General Hospital and I am very thankful to all the people I met while I was there.

I would like to acknowledge some special people who cared for me while I was recovering:

Dr. Yun and the Drs working with him. Dr Yun provided an excellent standard of medical care and always made sure that I understood what was going on. Although being very busy he always took time with me, displaying concern for his patient.

The Intensive Care Unit Nurses looked after me for 2-3 weeks. They are very professional, and dedicated, always showing kindness and understanding. They made me feel that I was always in safe and caring hands. The hospital should feel proud of them. 

The ICU Nurses showed me a lot of friendliness and I wish I knew more of their names so I could acknowledge them all here. I feel very grateful and will always remember the care given to me by Sonai Han, Jimmy Lee, Dohee Kim, Yoondo Yoon and Aram Kim, when I was sick.

Once I left the hospital, a translator was provided to help me with some documents and also to assist with communication at Outpatient clinics. This person is Giwon Kang. Giwon made herself available whenever I needed her help. She is very professional, medically knowledgeable and very friendly. She is a very good asset for the hospital, with its international patients like myself and with her extremely pleasant manner.

I will always feel humbled to have met all these people, despite the circumstances, and hope to be able to see them when I return to Daejeon in the future.