Stroke Center
Stroke Center
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Cranial Nerve Clinic Stroke Clinic Stroke (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage) Treatment of acute phase, prevention of recurrence, rehabilitation, prevention of risk factors such as family history Cerebral Aneurysm Clinic Diagnosis of cerebral aneurysm through 3D 256-channel CT and MRI dedicated to cerebral blood vessels. Emergency treatment system operated by the latest technique coiling treatment through Angio equipment instead of surgical operation Brain Tumor Clinic The most optimal treatment of the patient – immediate treatment of the collaborative care system, if the patient is diagnosed with a tumor Dementia Clinic Cognitive function test, neuropsychological test, risk factor test, neurological test
Accurate diagnosis of middle-aged and old-age dementia
Specialized treatment Cerebral angiography Insertion of the catheter into the cerebral blood vessels through the femoral artery. Implantation of the contrast medium to examine the most accurate cerebral blood vessels. If anything found to be abnormal, immediate treatment is implemented Stroke stenting Treatment that a catheter is inserted through the femoral artery to the carotid artery and stented in a narrowed or blocked area to maintain blood supply to the brain smoothly Coiling embolization of the aneurysm Treatment that there is an insertion of the catheter through the femoral artery to the aneurysm, filling the aneurysm with a risk of rupture by platinum coil to block blood flow
Operation of Stroke Center Stroke specialist at 24/7 Emergency Care Operation of Stroke Intensive Care Unit