Artificial kidney room
Artificial kidney room

Medical Staffs

New concept artificial kidney room 5-star hotel type Home friendly comfortable dialysis treatment
Direct dialysis system for safe dialysis Get rid of the water tank and eliminate the possibility of microbial and bacterial growth Reverse osmosis ultrapure water purification system
High efficiency, high flow rate, online advanced hemodialysis method enforcement Most advanced hemodialysis treatment similar to human kidney Elimination of intermediate urine and prevention of long term dialysis patient complications
24-hour collaboration of specialists Nephrology - Internal Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, and Radiology 24 hours a day
24-hour Vascular Surgery Vascular Surgery Specialized arteriovenous pneumonectomy, central venous catheter insertion, direct procedure
The cutting-edge hemodialyzer 'AK 200 ULTRA S' High efficiency, high flow rate hemodialysis and online hemodialysis filtration method Removal of coarse particles (secondary particles) that can not be removed by conventional hemodialysis, Prevention of complications during long-term dialysis