Oral Maxillofacial Center
Oral Maxillofacial Center

Medical Staffs

Maxillofacial Plastic Reconstruction Clinic Reconstruction of soft tissue damage Laceration, nerve injury, salivary duct damage reconstruction, scar removal Tooth restoration Tooth restoration, implants Fracture reconstruction Reconstruction of head, nose, upper jaw, lower jaw, or peroneal fracture Congenital malformation reconstruction Skin transplantation, bone grafting, cleft lip and palate surgery, sleep apnea surgery
Bimaxillary∙Facial Contour Clinic Facial contour surgery Square jaw surgery, jaw surgery, cheekbones reduction, augmentation surgery Facial cosmetic treatment, surgery Botox treatment (e.g., miniaturization), nose surgery Bimaxillary surgery
Craniofacial Disease Clinic Cellulitis, abscess, chronic maxillary sinus surgery Osteomyelitis surgery Cyst, benign tumor removal Removal of cysts, removal of benign tumors, removal of salivary gland tumors, removal of angioma, and other related surgeries
Dental Clinic Implant surgery (bone graft, maxillary sinus lift, implants, and other related surgeries) Wisdom tooth extraction Pre-treatment of prosthesis Surgery for improving pronunciation: Platoonplasty, tongue resection, and other procedures Other oral surgery: Biopsy Gum molding
Jaw Joint Clinic Jaw joint dislocation Acute temporomandibular joint dislocation, arthroplasty Jaw joint stiffness Mandibular resection, and other procedures Jaw joint cleaning Jaw joint artificial joint replacement